I found my Roommate on Craigslist … SO WHAT

Okay so 7 years ago I needed an apartment. I had just graduated college and had moved back in with my parents so understandably I wanted my own place after being on my own. I quickly realized that as a recent graduate with a bare minimum paying job I needed to find a roommate. I did not really know anyone since most of my friends had moved on so I did what any 20 something in 2006 would do … I went to Craigslist of course! I began speaking to a girl in Missouri who had taken a teaching job in my home town. After a few weeks of talking she decided that she would come to visit with a friend. All my mother’s fears that she was actually a he that was going to abduct me were calmed when we met for the first time. We really hit it off and a few months later we moved into our first place. When I went to visit my college roommates about 6 months later and that is when it got strange. I received a call from my roommate just to say hey and when I asked what she was doing she told me that she was watching TV with my younger brother … needless to say I was a little stunned that my older roommate was hanging with my little brother. When I got home they proceeded to tell me they had were dating and hoped that I would approve. I figured okay … what could happen? In the months that followed they broke up and got back together making it kinda awkward for me. Her and I ended up going our separate ways as roommates after 3 years but remaining friends. In the years that have followed her and my brother got married and are expecting a baby girl in May, 2013. I am actually making a salad to take to girl’s night at her house as we speak.


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